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First of all, we get that you may have some doubts, so we want to confirm everything upfront: we are offering you the opportunity to be the Puro Experiencer, during the summer of 2019, from 15th July to 15th October, and experience Purobeach Dénia in a uniquely enjoyable way.

Having said that, we are sure that you have a lot of questions. Coming next is a thorough explanation of what this entails. Once you have read everything, if you still think you have what it takes to be selected, then go ahead, fill in the form and good luck.

If you are interested in the offer and you meet the requirements, send us your curriculum in the following form.
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What is the Puro Experiencer?

The person chosen as the Puro Experiencer will live and enjoy the Purobeach Dénia experience throughout the summer. We think that this is the only way of guaranteeing that what we offer our clients is perfect.

Here are some of your duties and responsibilities:

- You will receive massages to ensure that they are as relaxing as we want them to be. - You will give approval for our chef’s creations, tasting unique and delicious dishes each day. - You will rest on our Balinese beds while listening to deep house, in order to certify that it is still the best music around. - You will have a refreshing swim in our pool while we prepare a snack in case the physical exertion makes you hungry. -You will photograph the sunset, in front of the skyline Barcelona with a cocktail in your hand, to make sure you don’t lose the magic. - You will invite friends to share the Purobeach experience. - You will attend parties, events and themed nights to check that people are having fun to the max. - You will participate in yoga classes and others activities in order to give approval. - You will upload photos and videos to your social networks, so as to make your followers envious.

Who can sign up?

People over 18 who fit the profile of a Puro Nomad. Living, or having a residence in the Barcelona regions is a plus.

What is a Puro Nomad?

A Puro Nomad is worldwise, and likes to travel, enjoy, relate and socialise with others. They are people who like to discover new things and live well. A Puro Nomad speaks different languages but above all, has something to say. They should be interested taste in art, culture, beauty, music, gastronomy, and be someone who knows how to use social media well (which also includes disconnecting from time to time…) A Puro Nomad loves the good life above everything else.

How do you prove to us that you are the Puro Experiencer for this summer?

If you want to be one of us you will have to earn it, by showing us that you are capable of finding your oasis of happiness wherever you are. That's why, in addition to the questionnaire, we want you to impress us with your creativity. The format is yours, so surprise us: video, photographs, writing, art ... be yourself.

What requirements are needed?

Besides being over 18 years old and living life as a Puro Nomad, you must be active on social media, especially on Instagram.

When do I have to be available?

Finalists will participate in the final election at Purobeach Barcelona on the 15th July. During this week, from the 15th to 21st July you must be available to come to Purobeach Barcelona. We will explain our philosophy to you and we will present all of the services we offer, which you will be obliged to enjoy. The total collaboration will be from the 15th July to 15th October.

When do I have to be present at Purobeach Barcelona?

We’re not going to ask you too much. It is enough for you to come a couple of days a week, for 2 to 3 hours a day. You can also bring a friend and you will have to attend special events, such as the Grand Opening Party or the Foodies Night.

How much will I be paid?

For being present a couple of days a week , you will paid 500 euros per month, for three months. In addition, you will have an account with 1200 euros per month to spend on all of Purobeach Barcelona’s services: gastronomy, sunbeds, massages, cocktails ... that’s about € 1,700 a month to live the good life, sounds great, huh?

What will my day to day be like?

You will work alongside Purobeach Barcelona’s communications team. You will plan visits to Purobeach Barcelona and generate content for social networks with them. We will help you to make everything easy.

Where will I publish the content that I generate?

On your social networks, once the content has been supervised by the Purobeach Barcelona team. Some of your content may also be shared on Purobeach Barcelona’s social media.

Can the collaboration be terminated?

Failure to comply with the conditions laid out previously will imply the termination of the collaboration.

How long do I have to apply, and how do I go about it?

You can apply from now until the 10th July, at 10 p.m. On the 11th and 12th July we will select the finalists. On the 15th July, before a jury at Purobeach Barcelona, the decision will be made regarding who is the Puro Experiencer.

You have to send the filled questionnaire, your curriculum vitae and whatever else you consider appropriate to: writing in the email subject line - Puro Experiencer Barcelona, in order to convince us that you should have the job of your life.

Good luck!!

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