In the heart of Riviera Maya

Playa del Carmen is a world famous city which receives thousands of local and international visitors all year round, looking for beautiful beaches and stunning settings next to the Caribbean sea. Downtown and 5th Avenue are where the best restaurantes, designer shops and nightlife are found. Tourists come here year after year for their holidays and to discover its cultural delights, as well as to visit the internationally renowned archaeological sites.

Maya Culture

Tulum is an incredible Mayan era walled city, with incredible beaches by the Caribbean sea. It is a very popular tourism resort on the Riviera Maya, situated next to the hotel zones and located in the Tulum National Park.

Diving among the coral reefs

It means 'two water estuary' in the Mayan language, and it is a fascinating beach where the tide is always calm, and the sun gives the water a crystalline glow. You'll find cabins and small hotels in this heavenly place. Its transparent waters are perfect for swimming and diving in the nearby reefs.

Wild Nature

Venture into the wilder and luxuriant side of the Riviera Maya and find the heart of the jungle. These impressive natural water wells are contained in authentic limestone caverns, eroded by rain and underground currents until their domes collapsed. Nature has created unique spaces for swimming and diving.

Fifth Avenue
A street full of style

Fifth Avenue is a pedestrian street that runs parallel to the beach which is full of restaurants, spas, shops, cafes, boutiques, jewelers, ice cream parlors, art galleries, various craft and souvenir shops, for all tastes and budgets. In short a shopping paradise.

Tulum, Cobá and Yucatán

The Riviers Maya is a place full of archaelogy, culture and traditions. The Mayan civilization is renowned as being an incredibly advanced culture, that excelled in science and astronomy. Enjoy the adventure offered on the archaelogical routes of Tulum, Cobá and Chichén Itzá, recognised as one of the seven wonders of the world.