The Puro family has expanded worldwide thanks to years of experience, the hard work of our team and the superior product that we offer. Our brands, Purobeach & Purohotel deliver an innovative concept to all its franchises, based on a Mediterranean and modern lifestyle. The secret of its success is inspired by engaging the senses and offering unique experiences and emotions to its clients. Premium service is of the uttermost importance to Puro and its franchises. Our corporate philosophy integrates with the lifestyle and culture of each region where our establishments are located.


Back in early 2000, we had two options; to either buy and convert a farm in Kenya into a top hotel destination, or buy an ancient 18th century palace in Palma de Mallorca and go through the same process. The one we chose was to be a bohemian's dream and a top design hotel, providing a high-end lifestyle break for guests. Before the days of action branding, we already knew that Puro had nomadic roots in its DNA… a spirit that has followed us every since.


In 2002, we took the decision to create our first establishment in Palma de Mallorca. We earmarked the location was clear and works started with a due delivery date by summer 2004. The stunningly unique room design quickly came to the attention of the international market. By offering high quality food and beverage, a superb setting, state of the art technology, both then and now, service excellence and top quality design, success was guaranteed within the fast growing hostelery sector. The combination of these elements created the perfect balance, enabling us to host the most exclusive guests in a luxuriously bohemian atmosphere. Purohotel became the first establishment of our Group in 2004, and this was how our brand was created, with simplicity and organic growth in mind.


The immediate success of Purohotel, led to our brand deciding to add to its leisure offer by creating a private beach club for friends and hotel guests, where we could offer daytime activities for them. The word EXPERIENCE started to have a meaning. This new location would have Afro-Balinese furniture, a fabulous food offer based a global concept, a Spa, a shop with our own clothing collection and above all, our fingerprint, soulful music, were the perfect ingredieents for a perfect location. After many months of searching for the best location in the Island, Puro found an incredible piece of land to host its new lifestyle brand. A privileged spot in Can Pastilla, one of the best seafronts in Mallorca, on a mini peninsula with 180º sea views, was THE place to construct the first Purobeach “Oasis del Mar”.


Since then, we have been growing carefully, ensuring that we choose top locations in order to maintan our level of iconic and incredible settings. We have opened our second beach club in Mallorca, the truly stunning Purobeach Illetas, and our expansion programme will continue in 2018 with three new locations in Greece, Morocco and Egypt, as well as opening another hotel in 2018. Purobeach Marbella, Vilamoura and Barcelona are examples of great locations that are highly profitable. The company has achieved an essential balance between the hospitality world and the financial sector, allowing it to achieve is aim of sustained and controlled growth. The expansion of Puro is something natural: putting down roots in new places, living new adventures, and meeting new people. Our expansion project is based on nomadic values, hard work, a multicultural vision and a willingness to adapt to different regions. Puro has franchised its concepts with great success around the world over the last 13 years. It has been a long journey down a road full of experiences, supported by a team of entrepreneurs with the same aim; to deliver an oasis of happiness.


Develop, run and be proud of your own Purobeach or Puro Hotel and become part of our brand. A part from our support, structure and know-how, you will reap the benefits of being part of a glittering and successful business model. With an entire team of professionals in our headquarters, dedicated to supporting all of our franchises and the new openings, our aim is to grow with top, selected partners. Puro's HQ has been synonymous with effort, hard work and dedication since day one. Organising site visits, architecture and design consultation, purchasing and procurement, crafting menu and music selection, IT installation, staff training, marketing campaigns and opening parties. The support from Puro HQ is continuous when you become part of our family. We are here to help all investors, with a viable mission ensuring a fast return on investment. We will guide you through all the development processes, from project management to the Grand Opening Party for your the location. From the moment the place is up and running, we maintain a very close relationship with our franchisees in order to ensure the success of the location. Your success is our success. We can become partners at any level through a franchise agreement or a management agreement, for a Purobeach or a Purohotel. For more franchise or management details, please contact me at peter.estebe@purogroup.com

if you wish to receive more information about our franchise or management models, please send us an email and we will be delighted to help you

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