Puro is a recognised brand of international prestige in the lifestyle tourism sector that specialises in beach clubs and luxury hotels. It is a way of life for our Global Nomads (customers) and our team. Excellence, at all levels, is the pillar of the experience.
  • Lifestyle
    Puro was born to satisfy the nomads who find their home in the Puro Oasis. They are unique establishments to feel comfort, peace and tranquillity while discovering the beauty of the local culture and living unforgettable experiences to reconnect with emotions and senses.
F.A.S.T & C.H.I.C


  • FLOW

    Fluid, Simple, Natural Style


    Music, Lighting, Ambiance, Wow


    Social responsibility to the environment, the community, employees and customers.

  • TECH

    Connection, Innovation.



    Elegant, Natural style, Cleanliness


    Amigable, Sonrisa, Amable, Pasión


    Lifestyle, Proactivity, Creativity, Teamwork, Design


    Ethnic, Bohemian, Diversity

Our brand does not identify with the stereotypes of opulent, ostentatious or exaggerated luxury but rather with discreet, simple elegance that is full of naturalness. A smart luxury that is known as Puro Style. It is free of ostentation and is reflected in all the brand’s areas. The brand finds its inspiration in the colour white, textures, smells, elements and, above all, quality.
  • Oasis Urbano and Oasis del Mar
    Our brand offers two types of Oasis: Urbano (in a central city location) or Del Mar (overlooking the sea). The Puro Oasis can be a beach club or a hotel. These establishments, located in unique enclaves, coexist with and respect the environment. Always offering a regenerative place to rest, be inspired and connect with all the senses while living an unbeatable experience, the #puroexperience.
    Puro's goal is to offer a unique sensory experience where you can connect with body, mind and soul. For this, the five senses acquire great importance. · See: decoration, interior design, service and product details, the environment... · Hear: the sounds of the sea, the sound of water flowing through a picturesque patio, the Puro Music record label... · Smell: cuisine, cocktails, essences, soaps, massage oils... · Touch: the texture of fluffy towels, cushions, sheets, furniture, wellness treatments, Puro Shop garments… · Taste: cuisine, spices, cocktails…
  • Global Nomads
    Global Nomads is the name given to Puro’s clientele. They are highly educated, discreet, open-minded, and interested in arts, culture, music, gastronomy and fashion. The Puro clientele is extremely interested in the overall quality of products and services. They like to try different things and are always looking for the WOW effect.
  • The Mandala
    Puro uses the Mandala symbol to represent our brand's life philosophy. Mandalas are images used by many cultures to connect with the inner plane. From a spiritual point of view, it is a source of energy and a centre of balance and purification that helps to transform the environment and the mind of those who meditate on them. This emblematic icon reminds us of the essence of things and of connecting with the inner Oasis that we all have inside.
  • Global Nomads
    Our goal is to become the leading lifestyle brand worldwide. We offer an Oasis of Happiness and well-being to our nomads and team. We respect and follow values such as freedom, respect and education.
  • Mandala
    Puro always pursues excellence at all levels. All our brand establishments are located in unique enclaves, coexisting with and respecting the environment and offering unforgettable sensory experiences following the brand's standards.
  • CEO of Puro Group
    Beltrán Álvarez de Estrada
    Adding to his creative and entrepreneurial spirit, he has an excellent track record in finance and business. He has positioned Puro Group as a benchmark in lifestyle sectors. He constantly attracts clients and collaborators with his spirited approach to creating unique experiences, keeping our FAST & CHIC values.
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  • General Manager
    Andrés Zahínos
    He started at Puro Group in 2018 after an extensive professional career in the hotel industry, leading large operations teams in various national companies. Just like the CEO of Puro, he combines his strategic and management skills with innate leadership to expand the brand.
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  • HR Director
    Julia Plass
    She has led the Personnel department since 2017. She is an optimistic person with important human values; having an extensive experience in Human Resources within the field of tourism, leading teams in large business corporations. She always devotes herself to what she is most passionate about, working for and with people.
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  • Chief Finance Officer
    Antonia Grimalt
    Responsible for the Finance department, she stands out for her analytical capacity, financial rigour and strict business approach based on transparency. She leads the Accounting and Procurement plus the Analysis and Audit areas, having been at the forefront of significant financial and digitalisation projects.
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  • Sales & Marketing Director
    Janine Rauen
    She took charge of the Sales & Marketing department in 2023 and is renowned for being a great professional with a fascinating trajectory at Spanish and international levels. She has a bold, disciplined business vision that symbolises and promotes our FAST & CHIC values.
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We are proud of the team that is part of Puro and of the value that everyone brings to their daily lives. For this reason, we want to continue working with people with talent, positive energy and who work with respect, responsibility, transparency and integrity.

It doesn't matter what your professional interests are or what stage of your career you are currently in. From Puro we want to offer you the opportunity to become part of our team, so that all together we continue creating an OASIS OF HAPPINESS.

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