Best beach clubs in Mallorca


The sunny island, the Mediterranean island, the one filled with laughs, charming towns, delicious “ensaimadas” and yes, many of the trendiest beach clubs in the Mediterranean. Since Mallorca proudly hosts most of these trendy, sophisticated beach clubs along its coastline, today we’re going to make things easier for you by telling you all you need to know about the best beach clubs in Mallorca.

Surely, you’ve already got your sunnies and your smartphone ready to go and capture the best moments during your ultimate vacation on the island and the beach club you choose. Now, all you have to do is keep reading and learn all about the gems that await you, because we’re going to tell you everything about two beach clubs that perfectly adapt to each type of personality: one located right along the coast, and another in the heart of Palma.


Purobeach Palma, the capital’s beach club

It’s not just any beach club, but rather one of the most complete and famous ones. Purobeach Palma is one of the best beach clubs in Mallorca, offering a luxury service in an exclusive setting, and granting a privileged location right in the heart of the capital of the Balearic Island.

Ideal location

The beach club is located along the coastline in Cala Estancia, in a beautiful rocky protrusion that practically enters the sea. For a minute, it will seem as if you’re in your own private island, and that’s a magical moment. The establishment is surrounded by the most beautiful waters, and offers some fantastic views to the Illot de Sa Galera, right in front.

A beach club in Palma with luxury service

Purobeach Palma combines the best of the city with the Mediterranean spirit and the chicest, subtle touch to create a unique atmosphere. Of course, it offers luxury service and has an exquisite restaurant ideal to have lunch and spend an afternoon of cocktails at sunset, or a healthy brunch to make for the perfect Sunday out.

The best parties and events there start during the summer season and are highly regarded as some of the best on the island. Additionally, you may also organise your own stylish event with the sea as a backdrop. We can’t think of a better scenery to celebrate a wedding, a birthday bash or any corporate event in style.

Furthermore, a beach club is no beach club without a marvellous solarium area to soak up some rays, right? At Purobeach Palma you can book your sunbed or Bali bed through one of the 4 packs available. Choose yours in the rooftop, by the pool, right in front of the sea or in the Bali zone, but be quick, most people book online in advance even before the summer holidays begin.


Purobeach Illetas, in the magical Ses Illetes

This paradisiac oasis by the sea in the town of Illetas is simply a must, as well as a definite favourite among the list of the best beach clubs in Mallorca. Why? Easy:

Minutes away from Palma

Puro’s beach club in Illetas is only 15 minutes away from the centre of Palma city, making it an ideal place for those wanting to stay a little further away from the city life but still be near the main attractions (and the sea, of course). On the other hand, if you’re in Illetas, you can easily organise a day out that combines both plans: beach club in the morning and shopping spree or sightseeing around Palma in the afternoon. A direct bus will take you to Palma in a few minutes.

An exquisite Sunday Brunch

This beach club is widely famous for its excellent cuisine and cocktails, but there’s more. Who, nowadays, doesn’t love a full brunch with natural juice, fresh fruit and a ton of other sweet treats? Sundays were made for one to relax, but now they’re also made for brunch, and Purobeach Illetas is the perfect place to indulge in one.

From 10:00hrs to 13:00hrs, this beach club in Illetas offers a top experience, with the best music, sea views, and a healthy delicious buffet menu. Aromatic waters, warm coffee, avocado on toast, eggs Benedict with kale or fresh fruit - take your pick! We’re going to stop right there because we’re growing hungrier by the minute.

Yoga and relaxation

Beach clubs in Mallorca are known for their excellent music and gastronomy, as well as for being right by the sea, but Purobeach Illetas is also renowned for holding beneficial exercise, meditation and relaxation activities at the establishment. The favourite one? Yoga, of course. There’s no better place to leave your mind blank and focus on your breathing while enjoying the Mediterranean environment. They hold two weekly lessons with expert teachers by the seaside, always starting at 9:30hrs. If you prefer another type of exercise, there is also Tai-Chi available on Saturdays at the same hour.