Purobeach launches a new brand division “by Purobeach”

Elevating exceptional venues worldwide with the unmatched global expertise of Purobeach.

Purobeach, the renowned international beach club brand, is proud to announce the launch of its new brand division: “by Purobeach.” This venture marks a significant milestone in Purobeach’s mission to share its operational and global hospitality expertise with extraordinary venues worldwide.

The launch of “by Purobeach” responds to the demand for operational excellence and industry-leading know-how. Drawing upon Purobeach’s well-established track record in successfully operating beach club destinations and creating authentic “Oasis of Happiness” for guests, this new division seeks to collaborate with outstanding venues and destinations, elevating their leisure activities to new heights of excellence.


Key features and benefits of “by Purobeach” partnerships:


-  Operational expertise: “by Purobeach” provides comprehensive operational solutions to optimize venue performance, including strategic planning, streamlined processes, staff training, and quality control. Our expert team is committed to delivering operational excellence tailored to each venue’s unique requirements and characteristics.

- Global perspective: partners gain access to Purobeach’s commercial network and industry insights, helping them stand out in the global market.

-  Unparalleled brand reputation: partner venues benefit from Purobeach’s exceptional brand reputation, symbolizing a commitment to quality, luxury, and unforgettable experiences.

Innovation, differentiation, and continuous development: the brand understands the importance of differentiation in a competitive market. Through a collaborative approach, Purobeach empowers venues with technological solutions, fostering customer loyalty and driving business growth.


To mark the launch of “by Purobeach,” a strategic partnership has been established with nhow and Tivoli brands of Minor Hotels. This significant alliance, and the launch of this division, are commemorated with the opening of two esteemed venues. The first is VERTIGO MILANO BY PUROBEACH, an impressive rooftop at nhow Milano hotel. The second is THE CLUB BY PUROBEACH, an exquisite destination nestled in the recently opened Tivoli Portopiccolo Sistiana Resort in Trieste. 

These unique venues will introduce Purobeach’s operational expertise, essence, and gastronomic concept: M3, where guests can indulge in a fusion of global cuisine. Additionally, the sounds of PURO MUSIC will create a captivating ambience, where PURO DJs will curate deep, soul-infused house music, transforming the atmosphere from morning to evening.

Beltran Alvarez de Estrada, CEO of Puro Group, expresses excitement about the release of “by Purobeach”: “We are thrilled to announce “by Purobeach” as a new division that expands our reach and allows us to share our operational and global expertise with exceptional venues worldwide. With “by Purobeach,” we aim to elevate the industry, empower our partners, and create extraordinary destinations that set new standards of excellence in hospitality.”



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