Copa del Rey MAPFRE and Purobeach Women’s Cup

A beautiful regatta held at Palma’s Real Club Náutico

Summer in Mallorca wouldn’t be the same without this unmissable date: the Copa del Rey MAPFRE. The best part of it all? That this year’s has already begun! This fascinating event, a beautiful regatta held at Palma’s Real Club Náutico, and that also makes its way along the city’s bay, has become a true Majorcan symbol attracting thousands of locals and people from all over the globe. This year, being its 38th edition, the Copa del Rey in Mallorca has a very special surprise, and Purobeach has a lot to do with it!


The origins of the Copa del Rey 

The incredible event has its origin back in 1982, when Palma’s Real Club Náutico and the Asociación Nacional de Cruceros (National Association of Cruises) organised the first regatta open to all categories. On that first occasion, there were a total of 50 boats participating. Needless to say, the event was a huge success and with time its popularity has only increased, seeing huge numbers of aficionados flock to Mallorca from all parts of the world to enjoy this sportive event. Nowadays, the Copa del Rey MAPFRE has become one of the major international championships of its type in the Mediterranean. Pure adrenaline, beauty and high competition sailing in all its glory!


What’s it like and who take part in it?

This year 2019, the categories participating in the event are: GC32, Mallorca Sotheby’s IRC, Herbalife J80, Swan 45, Mallorca Sotheby’s Club Swan 42, BMW (ORC 0, ORC 1, ORC 2 and ORC 3), the new Purobeach Women’s Cup, and lastly, Club Swan 50.

Of course, as is customary every year, and in terms of “special” participants within each category, we’ll find Spain’s King Felipe VI commanding the AIFOS 500 sailboat with the Spanish Army under the Club Swan 50 category.

Furthermore, there are many hugely important national and international participants, among them the Royal Swedish YC, the Federación Balear de Vela (Balearic Sailing Boat Federation), the RCM Marbella or RCN Barcelona, the SN Saint Tropez and the SN Geneve, for instance.


When is the Copa del Rey MAPFRE 2019 happening?

This year the event has already started, with the launch being held this past 27th of July. This 2019 the Copa del Rey MAPFRE in Mallorca takes place at the Real Club Náutico de Palma, between the 27th of July and the 3rd of August.


Purobeach and the Copa del Rey MAPFRE

It’s nothing new that our Purobeach brand is strongly linked to the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, being this year the fourth year in a row that the brand acts as an ambassador and sponsor of the event. As is expected, the Puro brand is also heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and all the marvellous things it brings, which are plenty! However, this year, the event’s organisation and Purobeach wanted to step up a level, launching a new women’s category for the first time ever: the Purobeach Women’s Cup. We’re making history together!


Purobeach Women’s Cup

With the objective of supporting and encouraging women to participate in sailing sports and events comes the new Purobeach Women’s Cup. Making history, and setting the tone for what’s to come in the next years, this new competition category, exclusively for women, will enable them to compete against each other using the same boat and under the same conditions.

About the news, Puro Group’s CEO, Beltrán Álvarez Estrada, has explained that “it’s an honour to sponsor the Women’s Cup, a category made exclusively for women at the Copa del Rey MAPFRE, a project that we feel is in line with our brand values of equality and integration”. Additionally, he also stated that this is a great achievement in the championship’s history in which, until now, women had participated as part of the crew, of course, but they didn’t have a category of their own. That just changed!