Puro Mediterranean in the 36th Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey unites market leaders such as the Puro Group and the Real Club Náutico de Palma

This year’s Copa del Rey was the biggest in its history, with a fleet of 138 ships competing in 107 races. The competition took place over 6 days in the Bay of Palma, with wind conditions making sailing difficult at times. King Felipe VI was at the helm of Aifos, where he finished in 5th in the largest class, the BMW ORC 1. Two members of Puro’s team, Beltran Álvarez, CEO of Puro Group and Borja Álvarez PR & Co-Branding Manager took part in the races on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th August, as part of the crew on the BMW Sail Racing ship. They were delighted to receive this invitation from the prestigious automobile brand, with whom Puro Group is collaborating on future projects, consolidating a powerful union.

 The Copa del Rey unites market leaders such as the Puro Group and the Real Club Náutico de Palma, with whom the Group have signed an agreement guaranteeing their collaboration for the next three years in one of the most important regattas in the world. These two companies share the same values and characteristics: teamwork, effort, enthusiasm, self-improvement and the Mediterranean way of life.

 Purobeach converted the RCNP’s main terrace into an exclusive beach club pop-up and meeting point, providing an Oasis of Happiness for sailors after many hours at sea, as well as for Puro’s friends and followers. Purobeach was also present in the Shipowners Dinner by MAPFRE in the RNCP, one of the most sophisticated and emblematic events of the Mallorcan summer season. Many well-known celebrities from Spanish society and the world of sport were present including: Pierre Casiraghi accompanied by his wife Beatrice Borromeo, Pliar Carbonell Tourism Director of the Balearic Islands Government, actress Macarena Gómez, accompanied by her husband Aldo Comas, Raquel Meroño, French actress Bérénice Bejo, Teresa Baca and Mallorcan actress Agnés Llobet. This keynote event on the Mallorcan social calendar started at 9 p.m, with all the attendees adhering to the all-white dress code. Six hundred guests, among them ship owners, sailors, sponsors, collaborators and local authorities were dazzled by the spectacular light show and the music from Puro’s Sound Manager and main resident DJ, Sebas Ramis. His DJ booth was erected on a glass platform on top of a swimming pool, and from here he delighted guests with a superb mix of Puro’s soulful sounds. He was joined by singer Sabrina Chyld, who captivated the audience from a specially constructed glass catwalk. A truly spectacular light show completed a memorable night for all who attended.

 A magical night that put the finishing touch to an intense week of regattas in which the Mediterranean bore witness to a unique experience: the largest Copa del Rey in history.

 “We love the nautical world and of course participating in this great competition. We’ll be back here next year” said Beltran Álvarez de Estrada, CEO of Puro Group.