corporate social responsibility



One of Puro Group's commitments is to direct the company based on managing the impacts that its activity generates on its clients, shareholders, local communities, the environment and the whole society. Therefore, we have forged alliances with:

-          Collaborations with local associations such as:

o   ‘Associació d'amics de Na Galera’: Non-profit association with the aim of obtaining material, economic and human resources for the excavation and conservation of Na Galera, the small islet which is located just in front of Purobeach Palma.

o   ‘Save the med’: Due to the big annual opening event where we gather hundreds of people, we allocate part of the profits that we obtained to this association. Its mission is to allow the Mediterranean Sea to recover its rich biodiversity and prosper in harmony with environmentally conscious and pro-active local populations.


-          Puro Group: The company is committed to provide a job-placement opportunities through companies which are dedicated to obtaining a job for people at risk of social exclusion.


-          Puro Group is committed to the environment:

o   We take into consideration the social commitment of our suppliers, which we value positively the CSR criteria in the approval of suppliers.

o   We are committed to cleaning the beach and the areas which surrounds our venue by our own staff.

o   We do our best to ensure that our clients can access the eMobility service: Electric charger installation project in the parking lot next to the venue.

o   We have the project to install solar panels in the Oasis terrace area, committing ourselves even more to the impact generated by the supplies on our island and our planet.

o   Producing fewer impacts on the environment by replacing elements that are planet eco-friendly:

§  Reducing waste by eliminating single-use plastics:

· Filtered water bottles.

· Wood removers.

· Straws made of PLA material

· Ecological after sun with a biodegradable packaging.

· Recycled cardboard pens.


§  Products made from recycled materials:

· Napkins

· Shop bags


§  We recycle by separating waste in specific containers.