Denia restaurants with a view

Denia is undoubtedly one of the best Spanish cities to enjoy great cuisine.

Planning your getaway in Denia and are a fan of gastronomy? Well, there are a huge number of great quality restaurants in Denia. Classic ones, with a pool, Italian, super modern, high cuisine, others to indulge in a light snack at midday… there’s something for everyone! But, who can say no to a beautiful Denia restaurant with views to the sea or the beach? In our case, we must admit that we can’t resist! In today’s post, we’re going to tell you all about Denia restaurants and those with incredible views that you can’t miss. Let’s begin!

Denia restaurants

Denia is undoubtedly one of the best Spanish cities to enjoy great cuisine. Plus, as you may already know, it is officially the “City of Gastronomy”. So, it’s not really a choice: if you’re heading here for your next holiday you’ll surely get to eat some very tasty creations.

There are, as is expected, a great number of restaurants offering local food, international food, italian or high-end cuisine. Of course, there are renowned Denia restaurants that you must visit during your stay, such as the emblematic Quique Dacosta, in the Las Marinas street, or the Tasca de Jesús Pobre, a typical and smaller establishment hidden just behind the impressive Montgó. However, apart from these lovely spots, nothing beats a restaurant in Denia right by the beach or with sea views in the summer, so keep reading!

Denia restaurants with sea views

It’s a reality: you can’t come to Denia during the summer and miss out on having a heart lunch or dinner with sea views. It’s simply magical. To enjoy this beautiful experience, it is ideal to find a restaurant that’s close to or right by the beach of your choice; that’s why many of the best options if you’re looking for these types of restaurants in Denia are inside hotels or beach clubs. 

One of newest ones and with some stunning views since it’s located right in Les Deveses beach is the restaurant at Purobeach Denia, which opened this past month of june. Want to learn a little more about this delicious place? Continue reading then, because we’re now going to tell you all about this magnificent Denia restaurant with sea and beach views!

Purobeach Denia restaurant

Many tasty Denia restaurants can be found inside some renowned hotel or beach club around the area with an excellent location, service and overall concept. One of the most popular ones at the moments is, without a doubt, the restaurant in Purobeach Denia.

Located right in Les Deveses beach, one of the best ones in Denia, they’ve called it the fourth “oasis del mar” (oceanic oasis). It certainly does exude style and gastronomic excellence.

The restaurant operates under Puro’s delicious “M3” gastronomic concept, inspired in the cuisine and culture from Miami, Melbourne and Marrakech without losing the brand’s characteristic Mediterranean touch. Delicacies such as sea bass in a salt crust, classic fish tacos or Sriracha carpaccio, plus some exclusive Puro cocktails such as the Mint Smoothie, await for you there. Of course, they also have a wide range of succulent desserts like the Puro Brownie or cheesecake, simply spectacular! Oh, and they’ve also got many vegetarian, vegan, lactose- and gluten-free options. Now imagine all that while taking in the most impressive sea views, select music and yes, a pool too. Overall, exceptional flavours, aromas and a unique location that’ll win you over.