Purobeach, the best place in the world to practice groundin

It is the latest in well-being, and there are ever more followers of this practice that consists of touchin

Earthing or grounding refers to direct skin contact with the earth's surface, where bare feet are in contact with nature. It is a habit that encourages connection with the planet and uses its natural electric charges to stabilise the body. There are many nerve endings in the feet, and it is highly recommended that the soles of our feet have direct contact with the ground to release stress. Purobeach offers authentic and inspiring oases where you can practice grounding, which is becoming increasingly popular among those who practice mindfulness.

Although it is enough to be barefoot on the ground or lying on the sand, numerous studies on earthing attribute health benefits when practised alongside power walking. Some of them are:  


o Reduce inflammation. 

o Improve pain processing 

o Help with sleep disorders. 

o Improve blood pressure levels. 

o Generate well-being and relaxation.

o Improve proprioception and cognitive development in children. 

o Stimulate the intrinsic musculature of the foot, which can sometimes become atrophied and lack mobility due to excessive shoe use. 

o Improve the lymphatic and blood system when walking or doing physical exercise. The leg muscles contract and pump the blood into the veins so that it rises and returns to the heart. 


Now, fans of hiking in Mallorca have a new version of their favourite sport with even more benefits. The best thing about this healthy habit is that you can practice it wherever you want, even during your holidays in the Mediterranean, where you can find the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy nature. Practising earthing by the sea or in the city becomes a genuine luxury experience. Therefore, Purobeach Palma, Purobeach Illetas, Purobeach Menorca (the new Purobeach beach club in Menorca, S'Algar), Purobeach Vilamoura or Purobeach Barcelona are the perfect options to disconnect and reconnect with your essence and enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being.


At Purobeach, we want our spaces, which are situated in inspiring enclaves, to become temples where you can enjoy peace, calm and well-being. Our oases and their #puroexperience are perfect for relaxing and activating your senses. Enjoy wellness experiences by the sea: delicious breakfasts and brunches, personalised massages, a day on the sunbed by the pool, refreshing cocktails, international fusion gastronomy from our gastronomic seal of M3 Cuisine, live music and unique events with which to participate in the slow life lifestyle that Purobeach proposes, even inside the most cosmopolitan cities: Purobeach Barcelona is an Oasis Urbano in which to disconnect and escape from the routine in Cuidad Condal (the name that Barcelona is also known by).


Whether on holiday or in the city, you no longer have an excuse to lead a healthier lifestyle and find those moments of peace that make you feel good and enable you to connect with your essence.


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