Holidays in Barcelona

For many and different reasons you can make the most of your holidays in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the best-known cities in Spain, for many and different reasons that we are going to tell you so you can make the most of your holidays in Barcelona.

The city of Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan in Spain. It is especially known for its art and architecture, which can be found in a variety of corners of the city: unique buildings, different parks, museums ...

That is why we are going to propose you an interesting tour of Barcelona, so that you know every corner during your holidays in Barcelona. This tour is not only a cultural tour but also a pleasure and gastronomic tour: we will show you places that are a must during your visit to Barcelona.


La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic places in Barcelona. It can be seen from many places of the city. What makes it so special? Its structure and architecture.

This Basilica of Barcelona broke with tradition and established schemes, but always following the symbols and details that a church should have. All thanks to its great architect.

Born in Cataluña, Antonio Gaudí, was a man of deep faith, nature lover and an architect. Thanks to works like this, became a world reference in modern architecture and, especially, Catalan modernism. Gaudí dedicated more than 40 years to the Sagrada Familia project.

Moreover, since 2005, various parts of the Sagrada Familia became a World Heritage Site. Specifically, the facade and crypt of the expiatory temple of the Sagrada Familia. For this, and many other reasons, do not hesitate to visit this spectacular monument in Barcelona.


Joan Miró Foundation

The Miró Foundation in Barcelona possess some of the most important works of Joan Miró. This incredible place houses almost all the first drafts of Miró's work: essential draws to understand the work of one of the most recognized painters in Spain.

Located in Montjuic, the Joan Miró Foundation also preserves more than 100,000 pieces of paintings, sculptures and tapestries of the artist. All the collected work was donated by the author himself, or later by his wife, Pilar Juncosa.

It was Miró himself who wanted to create this foundation with the idea of ??creating a space in Barcelona where people could study and investigate everything necessary to understand contemporary art and his own work.

Open to the public, walking through this incredible place is like walking through a constant work of art. For this reason, going up to the Montjuic park and making this visit is undoubtedly a mandatory plan in Barcelona.


Roman discoveries in Barcelona

You can find up to 7 places with Roman discoveries in Barcelona. All of them teach the history of Barcelona and the Romans settlements in our country. In Roman times, Barcelona was known as Barcino. And the stay of the Romans in Barcelona dates from the 1st century BC, until the beginning of the Middle Ages.

In the Barcelona history museum, you can learn everything about this period. Underground you can walk through the streets and buildings of the time. Another place is the remains of the port hot springs of Barcelona, ??next to the sea: you can get an idea of ??how ships and merchants entered the city.

Another known place with Roman remains in Barcelona is the Roman baths of Sant Boi de Llobregat. These are the best-preserved hot springs in Europe. According to studies, they were hot springs for private use. In it you can find two different areas: the arena and the water baths.

There are also remains of the different places where the Romans worked. Great examples are the archaeological site of Cella Vinaria in Teià, where they produced wine, and another is Forn Roma La Fornaca where, thousands of years ago, 3 internal combustion furnaces were built to make ceramics in an industrial way.


Park Guell

Park Güell is another World Heritage Site in Barcelona. In 1900 this park began to be built with more than 17 hectares of surface. But it was not until 1926 that Park Güell in Barcelona was inaugurated. It is another work by Antonio Gaudí, together with Josep Maria Pujol and Juan Rubió.

It is located in the upper part of the city of Barcelona, in the Collserola mountain range. This modernist style park, as everything that Gaudí has done, was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1984.

It is inspired by nature and Gaudí represented it in the form of geometry. Among the different areas of Park Güell you will find the pavilions, the staircase, the hypostyle hall, the roads and viaducts and the Calvary. But you will also find the Gaudí house-museum, which is also a recommended visit to learn more about this artist.


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