Holidays in Dénia

Going to Dénia means rest and relax. Dénia is a cosmopolitan city on the coast of Valencia, known for being

Going to Dénia means rest and relax. Dénia is a cosmopolitan city on the coast of Valencia, known for being a tourist and exclusive area. With a multitude of places to visit and learn about, its beaches are recognized as the most beautiful in the area.

These are Mediterranean beaches perfect for sunbathing and enjoying the weather in Dénia. But there are many more places to discover in this city. That is why we are going to leave you a small list of places that you cannot forget to visit during your visit to Dénia.


Organizing your holidays in Dénia is synonymous with good beaches, sea and rest. This harbor town, lapped by the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect place to rest. But beyond the beaches, there are several sites and museums that you must visit during your stay in Dénia.

The beaches of Dénia are full of cliffs, they are sheltered beaches, with blue waters and golden sand. Throughout the entire city you will find over 15 kilometers of beaches and coves, in order to find the perfect one for you.

One of the most distinctive features of Dénia is the friendly atmosphere and pleasant places to eat and taste cocktails, different from the rest of the places on the Mediterranean coast. With a variety of beach bars and places to relax, we highlight our Purobeach Dénia. A unique and perfect place to have fun and enjoy your holidays in Valencia, about which we will give you details later.

Places to visit in Dénia

From every corner of Dénia, we will provide a list of places that you cannot miss. All located near the historic center of the city, you can not hesitate to visit them and learn a little more about Dénia and its history.

Archeological Museum

Located in the majestic castle high above the city. The archaeological museum tells us the whole history of the place for more than two millennia.

In the Dénia museum you can find objects from 4 different eras. Due to the variety of people who inhabited this place in the past there are Iberian, Roman, Muslim and Christian objects. This shows the variety of cultures and influences throughout the history of Dénia.

The archaeological museum of Dénia is divided into four areas. In each one there is a different period. In the Iberian area, the site of l'Alt de Benimaquia will be observed. In the Roman area the city of Dianium and its evolution. In the Muslim area, you can observe the importance of the Taifa Kingdom of Daniya. And finally, in the Christian area, the experiences of the centuries from the 13th to the 18th century will be reflected.

Toy Museum

Since 1904 Dénia is closely linked to toys and a handle factory. That is why there is the toy museum, located in the old train station. In it you can discover a variety of toys, mostly made of wood.

This museum was built referring to the first toy industry in Dénia. After many years importing toys from Germany, a toy factory in Dénia was created in this place. Varnished wooden toys and exquisite finishes with metallic details were made. Real jewels.

Ethnological Museum

Located in a house of the 19th century bourgeoisie, we find this different Ethnological Museum. It aims to show the entire history of that century. At that time Dénia lived a boom time for the raisin trade.

Thanks to the cultivation of vineyards, the process by which the raisins are achieved, and the great port city, raisins high quality and easy export were achieved. Through the port of Dénia raisins were exported to places like England, North Europe and America.

In the ethnological museum of Dénia you can also see clothing, dressings and work utensils, both from the bourgeoisie and plebeian.

Asunción Church 

Located in the heart of Dénia, in Plaza de la Constitución, you can find this beautiful church. It is a baroque style parish. Even so, it has undergone renovations over the years, but without losing its charisma.

It is located where previously, was the parish of San Roque. Due to the War of Independence it had to be rebuilt in 1939. It was also abandoned for a long time, which did not help its maintenance.

PuroBeach Dénia

Among all the leisure places, beach clubs and bars in Dénia, we recommend the best: Puro Beach Dénia. Located above the beach you can enjoy this spectacular place with incredible views.

With select music and more than 65 Balinese beds where you can chill out, without a doubt Purobeach Dénia will make you create endless experiences. It also has a pool to cool off.

This oasis of the sea is an exclusive place where you can enjoy fusion food. With what we call the 3M mix, we unveil a new and experimental kitchen. In it we mix cuisines from Miami, Marrakech and Melbourne, but always keeping Mediterranean food in mind. It is a mixture of tastes, flavors, smells and textures that impacts everyone.

Listening Puro music you can also taste, while you relax in a hammock, our signature cocktails. In such an open space with the sea breeze and the sunset, you will only want to enjoy all the services and experiences that Purobeach offers you.

Also, to end the day in the best way, we have a wellness service. It is the perfect option to relax body and mind. With a wide variety of treatments, you will renew your body lying on one of our Balinese beds. In addition, the treatments are tailored to suit you, in order to achieve that well-being that you deserve.

Do not miss Purobeach Dénia and all the experiences that we have prepared for you.

We are waiting for you!


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