Majorca restaurants with sea views

Enjoy the island's cuisine right by the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’re visiting Majorca this year, you’re in for a treat, especially when it comes to enjoying Mediterranean fusion cuisine. There are hundreds of different restaurants in Majorca, but we particularly love those right by the sea.  And who doesn’t, right? There’s nothing quite as special as having a tasty Majorcan paella or a fresh salad with a cocktail and a side of sea views. So, today we're bringing you the best guide to Majorca restaurants with sea views that you just can’t miss out on. Keep reading!

Majorca restaurants

Majorca restaurants with sea views

Traditional restaurants, restaurants with pool, with a rooftop, exquisitely elegant… There are hundreds of different options in the Balearic Island, but what’s better than a restaurant with sea views in Mallorca? And what do you say if it’s also right in the centre of Palma city?

Let's be honest, you cannot go on a “foodie journey” in Mallorca without including a restaurant with views to the Mediterranean Sea and views to the best sights in the capital of Palma on your list. To enjoy such an amazing experience, you should definitely pick a restaurant in the centre of Palma that isn’t too far from the bay. A great option can be to book in one of the famous hotels or beach clubs that you’ll find around the area, such as Purobeach Palma. Pay close attention, because we are going to tell you all you need to know about this delightful restaurant with sea views in Mallorca.

Purobeach Palma

Our best recommendation? The emblematic Purobeach Palma, an urban oasis that combines the best of a relaxing beach club in the city centre and by the beach, with the fine cuisine of its restaurant. It certainly is one of the favourite spots for many local residents!

It has some impressive sea views of 180º, a terrace bar, pool, spa, and an enviable restaurant. All this makes it the dreamy place it is, one of the few restaurants with pool and sea views in Mallorca, and right in the heart of the city too!

Imagine cocktails by the pool on a warm summer night, the subtle ocean aroma, neverending dinners at the restaurant terrace, a fresh and rich salad after soaking up some sunrays in a Bali bed… We cannot think of a better plan. If you want to live a delicious experience in one of the best restaurants with sea views in Mallorca, this is your best bet.

Illetas restaurants with sea views

The subtle swaying of the waves, the sea breeze from the Mediterranean Sea, the sun in all its glory, typical llaüts and boats in the horizon, or that characteristic ocean smell. There is nothing quite as magical as that. Don’t you think?

Illetas restaurants with sea views are ideal to enjoy lunch overlooking the beach and Palma Bay in the distance, toast with a cocktail at sunset or enjoy the Mallorcan nightlife while dining with live music and the sound of waves (in those that do have resident DJ’s or musicians onsite).

The majority of us fall for the special charm of restaurants with sea views, even more so when they’re located in such incredible scenery as is Illetas. In that case, they’ve definitely captured our heart. There are many great restaurants around the area, however, not all of them have privileged sea views as is the case of Purobeach Illetas, which is also a beach club.

Purobeach Illetas

A vast number of restaurants in Mallorca are found within renowned establishments, such as hotels and beach clubs from famous brands with an excellent location, concept and premium service. One of the top favourites is the restaurant at the Purobeach Illetas beach club.

Located in the beachfront of the Passeig de Illetas, it is widely known as the “sea oasis”, and it’s no wonder. The club and restaurant are the perfect combo of Mediterranean essence, spectacular food, sea views, a wellness area, a natural pool and the most select music practically all day.

This Illetas restaurant with sea views at Purobeach Illetas offers the best Mediterranean and fusion cuisine. Using only fresh products, and accompanied by the utmost creativity, Puro chefs practically do magic.

Enjoy the world’s flavours, healthy dishes and exquisite cocktails. Just imagine yourself indulging in a delicious salmon and avocado “tiradito”, a succulent wok or a rich Puro-style brownie. Of course, imagine that with a side of views to the Mediterranean Sea and a fresh mojito. Who’s up for it? If you are looking for a restaurant with sea views in Mallorca, you already know where to go!