Introducing Martin Luciuk

Meet the resident DJ of Purobeach Playa del Carmen

- Martin, tell us about your musical career: How did you start in the world of music?


Since I was a kid, I’ve always been connected to music. When my parents were young we listened to bands like Queen, U2, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys all day, and they undoubtedly marked the course for what I would do when I was older. I got given an electronic music CD for my 10th birthday, and then everything changed, I was instantly hooked. Throughout my adolescence I continued to discover music through the internet, allowing me to get more and more involved. At the same time, various classmates became interested in the same music and we shared what little information we had. That’s how it all began…


- How would you define your musical style? What inspires you?


Currently I define it more as a lifestyle, my life is house music, this sound represents me for what it is and what it transmits. Throughout my career I have gone through different musical genres, but house was always present in some form. It makes me smile, with its simplicity, color and positivity.



- Your music has been played in the most prestigious clubs by world-famous artists. How has this influenced you and your career?


I am aware that these opportunities are gifts and I use them to continue evolving.


- You have recently become part of the Puro Music family, the international record label whose albums and productions can now be purchased online. How did your collaboration with Puro Music start, and what are the values that bind you to the company? Are you enjoying this new stage of your career?


The company picked me for my musical style, to breathe life into Purobeach Playa del Carmen in Mexico, the first Purobeach in The Americas.

I feel very grateful for this opportunity to be part of Puro Music, a label that represents me in sound and vision. I’m full of happiness, energy and enthusiasm.


- From your spot behind the decks in Playa del Carmen, what music will you be playing for the guests at the first Purobeach in the Caribbean? Why should they come to listen to you?


Music to make you dream, with the best views of the Riviera Maya, and a unique atmosphere. Fresh and elegant house music.