Nomade in Purobeach Illetas

An event to escape from the routine and connect with the roots

Purobeach creates Oases across the world where you can unwind and relax. Our teams work daily to take care of every detail, so that your visit to our beach clubs is a quality experience which will delight the senses.

Our Nomade event is a fantastic representation of the Puro lifestyle. It offers guests an escape from the routine and a connection to the essence, a break from the hustle and bustle and a return to the roots. Close your eyes, breathe in the sea air, press pause and feel good. Time, in the end, is the most valuable currency we have. However, it is sometimes necessary to stop time in order to recover it.


At Purobeach Illetas we wanted to close our events season in a very special way. Romina, the beach club director, and her team put in a huge amount of enthusiasm and passion into the organization of Nomade on Sunday 17th September.


The event was full of costumes, decoration and food stands representing different places in the world. Our staff’s dedication resulted in a truly memorable event that delighted our guests. We could write whole paragraphs about how well the event turned out. But, as we have already said, time is of the essence. So the best thing to do is relax, unwind and be inspired by the best moments of the events, photographed by our team ...


Many thanks from the whole Purobeach Illetas team for choosing us every day and for sharing with us the excitement of the first season of many in our beach club ... We hope to continue enjoying summer together in our Oasis del Mar!