Purobeach opts for drinking without leaving a trace

Puro Group stands up for fighting climate change.

Puro Group stands up for fighting climate change. That is why we always carry out actions to promote and help the environment. But the most important thing for us is to practice it in our day to day. That is why Purobeach is committed to drinking without leaving a mark.

What do we mean by this? That at Purobeach we have changed and improved such an everyday action as drinking water. If you are wondering how ... Through a sustainable plan for everyone. In all Purobeach you can find HappyAgua glass bottles.

Through this action, Puro Group wants to fulfill its objective in terms of sustainability and protection of the environment, fostering changes in our Purobeach so that all of us bear the importance of caring for the world in mind. The HappyAgua bottles are a way of consuming water in a more responsible manner with water and the environment.


HappyAgua Spanish company aims to end the use of plastic water bottles and non-recycled glass. For this, they customize the bottles, to give you the service that best suits you.

HappyAgua is a sustainable and efficient water management company. Seeks to transform water usage. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water, in a healthier and more sustainable way.

It also encourages companies to carry out action number 6 of the SDGs. The sustainable development goals established by the UN take into account the improvement of the cleaning and water sewage. So it is the most appropriate option to improve this objective. Without a doubt, the SDGs are a way to encourage companies to carry out more enriching actions for the environment.

HappyAgua Bottles

Purobeach opts for something win-win as HappyAgua bottles. Easy installation and use. With a dispensing system and using tap water, you can purify and re-mineralize it with a network that will give it an exceptional flavor. The result is incredible; you get purer water than bottled.

All this water is served in customizable and reusable Happy Agua glass bottles. This encourages the reduction of the water and carbon footprint.

At  Puro Group, we thought that this was the best option to solve an everyday problem such as plastic and the enormous quantity of glass bottles that daily fill our warehouses.

It is certainly the most innovative, practical and sustainable solution to replace traditional bottled water. In addition, it is cheaper and solves logistics, supply and storage processes. That is, it ends with many headaches from day to day.

Other actions of Purobeach with the environment

There are plenty of Purobeach actions for the environment. Apart from their HappyAgua bottles, they also have PLA straws, they only use recycled napkins and bags and, as we all must do, they separate waste in specific containers.

Beyond that, they also use wooden drink removers, recycled cardboard pens, and an eco-friendly aftersun with a biodegradable container. All these actions allow us to see the amount of small things in our day to day that we must change to improve the world.

With all these small actions Purobeach tries to reach a better world. Less plastic and less waste. Undoubtedly actions that all companies should carry out, because we must take care of the place where we all live and coexist together: the World.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As we have already observed, Puro Group takes corporate social responsibility into account. Therefore, it carries out actions and events to improve the environment and social causes.

Great examples are the unions with organizations such as Save the Med: a foundation that wants to recover biodiversity and extend it over time with environmentally conscious and proactive local populations in the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, they carry out plastic collections on beaches and different places in the Balearic Islands.

Due to its great involvement with the environment, it carries out many other actions linked to this issue such as the evaluation of the social commitment of the suppliers and the daily cleaning of the beaches and surrounding areas.


Purobeach, as part of Puro Group, wants to create awareness of the importance of the environment, trying to improve what has already been damaged. For this reason, it encourages you, and anyone interested, to carry out actions that could help the environment.

Would you like to join us? It's not just for you; it's for the whole world!

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