Discover the "InSPAration" of Puro SPA

A new concept defined as Slow Spa, recovering activities forgotten by modern society

Puro SPA, the most sustainable part of Puro, is the perfect place if you are looking for a way to take care of your body, recharge your mind and quieten your spirit. Based on the principles of holistic medicine, it combines treatments, sustainability and organic products in order to pamper its clients.  The spa is aware of its impact on the environment and is conscious of its need to be responsible.



The philosophy of our spa is steeped in the Mediterranean, and its culture influences and inspires the range of prestigious SeaSkin products used by our professional therapists in their massages and treatments. These products are 100% sustainable, ecological and beneficial for the skin and the environment, as they do not contain any chemical substances. This new concept is defined as Slow Spa, recovering things forgotten in the fast pace of modern life such as enjoying your free time, living in the present moment, or taking care of our physical and emotional health.


Our Wellness Oases engage what we like to call "sense-therapy"; connecting through natural and alkaline elements, the five senses to attain a state of rest, while repairing the body physically and mentally at the same time.  Aromas of lemon and orange heal and energise, while relaxing sounds align the body’s vibrations. Organic oils stimulate the skin, as your eyes gaze upon the beautiful surroundings of the spa. A selection of citrus fruit juices refresh the palate, as your renewed body raises up from the massage table.

Puro Spa’s services are not only available in the wellness area; they can also be provided on your sunbed or in your hotel room. Puro SPA wants to create authentic well-being oases through its InSPAration philosophy and services.