Restaurants in Denia

At our restaurant in PuroBeach Denia you will find the ideal place to taste authentic Mediterranean cuisine

Denia is one of the most attractive places for those who love gastronomic tourism. It is one of the cities that has received the UNESCO title of Creative City of Gastronomy which makes it an ideal location in which to enjoy its food.

It is one of the cities of the Valencian Community and, therefore, its food is characterised by elements of the Mediterranean diet. Its dishes are heavily influenced by the sea.

Rice in the typical food of Denia

The popular cuisine of Denia is heavily influenced by produce from the sea. The most traditional dishes are based on fish, shellfish and molluscs.

As in all cities of the Valencian Community, Denia is a town characterised by dishes in which rice is the main ingredient.

An example of this fact is arroz a banda (seafood paella). The origin of this dish is closely linked to the life of the fishermen. In fact, the original recipe is made using low-cost produce, such as cheap fish stock.

You will notice that this famous dish is served in the majority of Denia's restaurants. The presentation of arroz a banda in the Denian restaurants is more complex and uses high-quality products, but without losing the essence of the dish.

The service keeps up the tradition of Mediterranean dishes in which each dish is prepared for two people. But this doesn’t imply that they dispense with having a good presentation.

Other internationally famous items of Denian cuisine are paella, fideuá and llandeta.

Paella is well-known all over the world. It is a dish in which rice is cooked with chicken, rabbit and snails. However, given the versatility of rice, whether cooked at home or in a restaurant, everyone gives it a special touch to make it unique to them.

Fideuá (noodles), on the other hand, can be prepared with meat or shellfish, according to the diner's taste, and it is identified by its soup-like consistency. Instead of rice, pasta with a unique appearance is used, which results in an exquisitely flavoured dish.

The Llandeta is a stew consisting of fish and other produce cooked with rice. It can be said that it is a version of the paella but, due to the use of different ingredients, such as potatoes, it is considered as a different dish.

Cooking with fish in Denian gastronomy

Fish and seafood are another main feature of the food of Denia. Some of the best examples are:

·         Dry octopus: also known as Mediterranean ham. This is one of the delicacies of the area.

There are many ways to prepare it and, in Denia, they are experts in creating octopus dishes. So much so, that the techniques for drying octopus have made its restaurants world-famous.

·         Prawns with chard: this is a famous dish inspires even the most well-known chefs. In fact, it has been the subject of many awards.

The basic recipe is to prepare the prawns in a stir-fry with onions, garlic and chard. You are certain to find it in every restaurant you visit, and it will be missing out if you visit Denia and don't try it.

·         Seabass with salt: this is another typical dish of the area which is very much enjoyed by both city dwellers and tourists alike. The recipe is simple yet full of flavour. The sea bass is cooked in the oven after being completely covered with salt and dressed with olive oil.

I expect your mouth is watering by now, thinking of these delicious dishes. If so, don't hesitate to ask for them when you visit the restaurants in Denia. Make the most of your experience and don't miss out on any of the most outstanding dishes in the region.

Remember that this city has received gastronomic awards, so don’t miss the opportunity to see why it has been worthy of this recognition.

Typical desserts in Denia

If you visit a restaurant in Denia it is very likely that you will be encouraged to try some seafood dishes or opt for paella or a plate of rice. These are the best choices for the main dish.

But desserts also have their recognised place in Denian gastronomy. If you have a sweet tooth, in Denia you will be able to try some very interesting options.

One of these is the pumpkin, chocolate and ricotta cheese cake. This dessert is a pumpkin cake in which the various flavours of its main ingredients blend together to create a sweet flavour that is not too rich and which, because of the chocolate, has a hint of bitterness. 

Another great example of Denian confectionary that you can find on restaurant menus is almond cake. This is a drier dessert which is usually accompanied with a mistela wine.  

Would you like to enjoy the cuisine of Denia? These are two of the most traditional desserts. But in the region’s restaurants you will find many other options with which to sweeten your day.

PuroBeach Denia Restaurant

When choosing a restaurant in Denia, don't just look at the food it serves. Tasting delicious dishes and being satisfied is an experience which involves all the senses. 

The best restaurants in Denia to eat in are those in which make you feel satisfied with what you eat, the service you receive and the entertainment they have prepared for you. The environment is another factor which you shouldn’t ignore. At our restaurant in PuroBeach Denia, you will find the ideal place to taste authentic Mediterranean cuisine, made by professionals and to experience the best service.

As a tourist, you shouldn’t miss out on the traditional dishes of the region. So try not to leave without visiting our PuroBeach Denia restaurant.  Their attention to detail means that your experience in Denia will be unforgettable.

If you have chosen to visit Denia, you have probably been motivated by its various attractions and festivities. Now that you know that it is also a culinary treasure, you have an additional reason to enjoy your experience in this beautiful city. So enjoy yourself, and bon appetit!

See you at the PuroBeach Denia restaurant!