Restaurants with terrace in Barcelona

Here is a list of the best plans to enjoy the city and experience the spirit of summer in Barcelona.

During the hot summer days in Barcelona, we all look for restaurants with terraces where we can enjoy the sun and the breeze. The terraces are a great attraction for the local population and an ideal way to spend time outdoors with friends. Places that have space for tables and chairs outside have a great advantage over their rivals.

Perhaps due to the culture and lifestyle of the area, maybe due to the nice weather typical of the areas in contact with the Mediterranean Sea, it is common to find the city's overcrowded terracs almost at any time of the day. For all those who enjoy socializing with drinks and tapas, the terraces are the ideal place to spend summer evenings and nights.

Summer in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona, ??not everything is evenings and nights of drinks in the little terraces in the center. Although the wide offer of restaurants with a terrace in Barcelona, ??if you are planning to spend the summer in the city, you have at your fingertips a wide range of activities to experience the best of Barcelona during the warmer months of the year. Here is a list of the best plans to enjoy the city and experience the spirit of summer in Barcelona.

Popular Festivals

During the summer, many of the city's neighborhoods celebrate their Village Festivals. The local festivities of Barcelona fill the neighborhoods of the city with life and gather all the people of Barcelona outdoors in an event that nobody wants to miss.

The festivities in the Gràcia neighborhood are the most popular in summer. Streets have been decorated with stunning décors and everything is covered in an appealing festive atmosphere for all audiences. During these days you can enjoy outdoor concerts and shows, popular meals and performances by the famous Castellers who never leave anyone indifferent.

Some of the most popular and interesting popular festivals are the Raval and Sants neighborhood festivities (just a few days after the Gràcia neighborhood Fiesta Mayor). During these days of popular festivals we will find another endless number of activities that you cannot miss if you want to know the true essence of the city and its inhabitants.

Beaches and pools in Barcelona

Without a doubt, one of the most popular plans during the hottest months of the year is to take a dip or cool off on the beaches or pools in the area. One of the great advantages that Barcelona offers is that many of its beaches are very close to the city center and can be easily reached, even on foot or on a walk. Visiting any of the beaches and pools in Barcelona is an ideal plan to spend an incredible summer day

Some of the most famous and top beaches that you must visit are Bogatell beach, Sant Sebastià, and, of course, Barceloneta beach, located in the quintessential maritime district of Barcelona. On these Barcelona beaches, you can enjoy the sun, sand, calm, and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

For those who prefer the comfort of swimming pools to beaches, there are many options in the area, suitable for all tastes. There are some places in the city that have become a true urban oasis for Barcelona residents, such as Purobeach, an amazing place in which to spend an unforgettable day. Among the restaurants with terrace in Barcelona, ??Purobeach stands out for having a swimming pool, hammocks area, and Balinese beds. It is a place to enjoy the luxury of a refreshing afternoon in the city center in the best company and with a cool atmosphere.


Another key activity during the summer in Barcelona is to enjoy a sunset in an idyllic place. Enjoying a sunset in a good company is one of the best summer plans. If you visit Montjuïc, you can enjoy a sunset from the "Mirador del Migdia" with views of "Baix Llobregat", a trendy place during the summer season. Another famous sunset is the one from the "Carmel Bunkers": one of the most spectacular views of the city. Whatever the place you choose, witnessing sunset in Barcelona is something you cannot miss.

Terraces in Barcelona

If you are looking for a plan to have fun in good company, in a city with as much life as Barcelona, the best thing is that you find a terrace where you can have a few drinks or dinner. The number of terraces in Barcelona is infinite, whether you are looking for a more casual place to sit down to have a drink or one of the restaurants with a terrace in Barcelona, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

In summer, groups of friends look for where to meet and hang out together and nobody wants to stay inside a small or dark place when the weather invites you to enjoy being outdoors. That is why the terraces in Barcelona are so important, especially in such a cosmopolitan city, with so much life and with so much atmosphere on its streets. A night of drinks in the city is what you need to enjoy, have fun with your group of friends and meet incredible people from all over the world.

Purobeach Barcelona

Purobeach Barcelona stands out from the rest of the places in the city. Our urban oasis offers you the possibility to spend a day in the pool and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing spa treatment while listening to the unique music of Puro Music, created live by our resident DJs. Purobeach is the trendy place of the moment and an authentic world of emotions of all kinds, which has been chosen as one of the best beach clubs in the world.

Moreover, you will enjoy the best gastronomic offer in our restaurants with a terrace in Barcelona. In our delicious menu, you will find everything from fresh salads to grilled lobster or our famous hamburgers, in an ideal outdoor setting for summer days. Our beach club also offers spa treatments in our wellness area, as well as a bar area where you can enjoy our delicious cocktails, always accompanied by the best live music and the most select atmosphere in the city.