Rooftop in Barcelona

Enjoy your holidays at Purobeach Barcelona, where you can relax in the company of your family and friends.

Barcelona rooftop pool

If you are looking for a vacation on a rooftop, at our rooftop in Barcelona we have everything you need so you can enjoy your stay in Barcelona. At Purobeach Barcelona we have a pool with luxury beds around it and a spa. Everything so you can relax after that intense day of work with music in the Puro Music style.

Enjoy your vacation swimming in the Purobeach Barcelona pool with a delicious cocktail. Cheer up!

Beach club in Barcelona

The Mediterranean is a destination par excellence if you want to enjoy a holiday in a beach club. Our Purobeach Barcelona awaits you.

Our Barcelona Beach club is not just a restaurant or a beach bar with hammocks to spend the day. It is much more than that, at Purobeach Barcelona we want to offer you a unique experience. We want to give you the chance to enjoy a day at the beach combining luxury, comfort, design, music, good food, delicious cocktails and excellent service. And what better way to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Barcelona than by coming to our Beach Club in Barcelona.

At Purobeach Barcelona we have a restaurant on the terrace with sea views so you can enjoy a spectacular evening. In addition, in the restaurant we have a complete kitchen, among which we highlight the traditional recipes of Barcelona. Come and enjoy it with friends, family or partner! You choose!

What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a modern city, full of life, where you can visit the best and emblematic monuments of the city. The best things you can do in Barcelona are to take walks, go to concerts and festivals. You will have a great time and you will surely want to repeat the plan.

Here is a short description of some of the most symbolic monuments.

Casa Batllo

Casa Batlló is a work built by the architect Antoni Gaudí. The building was located in the center of Barcelona so that any passer-by could visit it. It was awarded as the best monument in the world 2021 by the ticket platform Tickets.

Casa Mila

The Casa Milà Gaudí reflected the artistic plenitude in the Casa Milà. In 1969 it was named a historical and artistic monument, together with the Güell Palace, the Güell Park and the crypt of the Güell Colony, the Milà house is included in the world heritage site in the works of Gaudí

Barcelona's cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral included the patron saint of Santa Eulalia, patron saint of the city. From the year 599 it was delivered to the Holy Cross.

Activities in Barcelona

In Barcelona we don't get bored, and there are many things to do! You cannot leave Barcelona without having had a complete experience. Every week, you will find hundreds of incredible activities in all corners of the city, even beyond if you want to plan a day trip to the surrounding area. In Barcelona you can get to know the history and culture, go to shows and musicals, as well as go on excursions.

After such an active day, it is best to rest in a place on the beach watching the waves of the sea. What better plan than to end the day with dinner at our Purobeach Barcelona?

Weekend in Barcelona

A weekend in Barcelona can go a long way. And you can go to see the viewpoints of the city from which you can enjoy unbeatable views of Barcelona. You will also get a different perspective than what you are used to seeing about Barcelona. It will allow you to discover the charms of the area in a new and different way. You can not lose this!

You can also wrap yourself in the culture and tradition of Barcelona. For this reason, we invite you to take a look at the markets of Barcelona. In it you will find fresh and local products of all kinds.

If you feel like it, you can take a small tour of Barcelona. In it you can visit every hidden place and corner of the capital and learn a little more about the city. It has interesting routes through the city center to the neighborhoods with the most works of street art in Barcelona. You can also hire guided tours in Barcelona in case you don't dare to enter the city on your own. They are very interesting. Are you going to miss it?

Holidays in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain. That is why many tourists decide to stay and spend their holidays in Barcelona. The city of Barcelona is one of the most visited and recognized in the country.

The city of Barcelona is one of the most complete towns. The best thing is to come on vacation to meet her. It has from historical museums, to unique buildings and various parks, where you will not want to leave the city.

Autumn in Barcelona

We are already in autumn, but that does not mean that you cannot continue enjoying the beaches of Barcelona. At Purobeach Barcelona we want you to enjoy this season of the year with the greatest possible experience. In the restaurant you can enjoy a nice dinner after a spa treatment where you can fully relax. Sign up to enjoy the most spectacular fall of your life.

Purobeach Barcelona

At Purobeach Barcelona, we want you to have the most pleasant stay possible. Therefore, we strive to make everything to your liking. Without forgetting the Barcelona style. Our beach club is made up of an urban oasis where day and night meet with happiness and an authentic world of sensations. You can enjoy listening to our Puro Music. A perfect music for you, from the hand of our resident DJs. You can not lose this!


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