What to visit in Taghazout

Between the Sahara and the Atlantic Coast, in Morocco, we find Taghazout.

Between the Sahara and the Atlantic Coast, in Morocco, we find Taghazout. Just north of Agadir, we find this beautiful fishing village. There are a variety of places to visit in Taghazout, so we are going to recommend them to you.


Taghazout is a well-known place for its iconic surf beaches. As it is so close to the Sahara Desert, there are many other activities to do. The mix between surfers and local tourists is what makes this place so special. In it, you can also find restaurants, cafes and artisan shops, where you can rest and find different local souvenirs.


So, if you are planning your holidays in Taghazout and you are thinking about what to visit in Taghazout, do not hesitate to enjoy the following sites mentioned below. Natural landscapes, beaches and exceptional places ...


Natural sites near Agadir


Taghazout is located in Agadir. In southern Morocco and next to the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Many of its historical monuments were destroyed in an earthquake in 1960, like its kasbah. But the old wall of Agadir remains the same. There is a wide variety of natural parks and places worth visiting around Taghazout.


For this reason, we are going to recommend some of the best places in Taghazout that you should definitely visit during your holidays in Morocco. Taking advantage of the good weather in Morocco you can go on excursions to discover them all.


Sahara Desert


From Agadir, and therefore from Taghazout, we can reach the Sahara Desert. The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. With an area of more than 9,000,000 km², it occupies most of Africa.


In the Sahara Desert, you can do different activities. It is becoming more and more fashionable to surf among the sands of this desert. Certainly, it is a fun and different way to enjoy the Sahara desert. On the other hand, there is the option of enjoying camel rides among the desert dunes. It is one of the most traditional ways to get to know one of the natural landscapes near Agadir.


Paradise Valley


Valle del Paraíso is one of the best-kept corners of Morocco, and one that you should definitely visit in Taghazout. It is a unique natural setting. It is known for the natural pools and waterfalls hidden in this mountain range. The locals call the waterfalls the bridal veil, due to the white that the water creates when it collides with the rocks.


This setting is so different with the rest of the nearby places. The Paradise Valley is a spectacular change of scenery. Long and spectacular paths between palm trees, lagoons, argan trees, lavender and holm oaks. Surely, the Paradise Valley is a magical and unique place.


Sus-Masa natural park


In the southern coastal part of Agadir, we find the Souss-Massa region. On August 8, 1991, in this town, the Sus-Masa Natural Park was created. The most particular thing about this place is the combination of Palearctic and Afrotropical species.


Both the flora and the fauna of this place create an incredible place. It has an area of 720 km², and two rivers pass through it: Oued Massa and Oued Sous. A visit to theSouss-Massa natural park is one of the most incredible ways to get to know the vegetation of Morocco.



Taghazout Beaches


Taghazout is one of the most hidden places in Morocco, but due to its beaches and the increasing interest in surfing in Taghazout, this small fishing village is becoming more and more popular. Certainly, its Atlantic sandy beaches, are undoubtedly a paradise.


That is why we are going to recommend the best beaches where you can rest and practice that sport you like so much: surfing. It is ideal both for beginners, as well as for all those who are already great surfers.


Killer Point


Killer Point is one of the best surf spots in Morocco. In its rocky coastline, you can find incredible natural pools where you can rest after hours surfing at Killer Point. The waves and the wind of this part of Morocco make all surf lovers come to this place to practice their favorite sport.


Taghazout Beach


Solitary, sandy and transparent. This is Taghazout beach. Among the fishing houses around it, it is very common to see wetsuits hanging next to surfboards. Since it is one of the most frequent and best places to surf in Taghazout. Near the beach, with views of it, you can also find different taverns where you can eat quality fish.


Plage Imourane


This beach is a unique place. In the long kilometers of beach, you can find different places to surf. In this part of the beach, you can find different places that will provide you with surf equipment and courses. From beginners to professionals, there are courses and boards tailored to everyone at Plage Imourane.




Very soon, in Taghazout, you will also be able to find an oasis of happiness. Purobeach will soon open a unique place. It will be the first Purobeach on the African continent. It will be a large space with a variety of facilities to make your stay perfect. Pool, restaurant, cocktail bar, Spa ... And all accompanied by Puro Music, so you can experience unique moments with the best music.


It can be accessed both by land and by sea and, certainly, a unique moment that you cannot miss when Purobeach Taghazout opens is the “Sunset experience”. Watching the sun go down over the Atlantic Ocean from Purobeach is a unique experience.

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