Where to enjoy the best brunch in Mallorca

Breakfast? Lunch? Enjoy a top brunch in Palma

Brunch on Sunday, brunch with bottomless mimosas, brunch any day… but, where’s the top place to enjoy the best brunch in Mallorca? No worries, we’ve put our detective hats on, gotten our sunnies out, and have done an extensive research to find them and tell you about it. Do you currently live in Mallorca? Are you going there on holiday? Discover the best brunch spots on the island and focus on enjoying yourself - without any limits.

Brunch, a top hit in Mallorca

If you love good food, you’ll agree that brunch is one of the best inventions of all times. The tasty combination resulting from breakfast and lunch has conquered people’s taste buds all over the world, Mallorca included.

Matcha croissants, Mediterranean avocado and tomato toasties, porridge bowls with yoghurt and toppings, natural juices, detox waters… There are an infinite number of delicacies you can try out at one of the brunch spots in Palma, the capital city of Mallorca. However, as it so happens with most things, some spots are better or more varied than others.

There are numerous cafés around that are now trendy and offer a delicious brunch, as is the case of establishments such as Mama Carmen’s or La Molienda, both located in the heart of Palma. Additionally, there are also many hotels that have decided to join this tasty trend wagon. How could they even resist, right? One of them is Purohotel Palma, located in La Lonja, and home to Beatnik restaurant, a new spot with a lot of “beat” and an explosive menu.

Beatnik Brunch, in Palma

It wasn’t too long ago that the new Beatnik Restaurant was launched, and with it, so did its now famous brunch. The restaurant has become extremely popular since its opening, particularly as one of the best places to enjoy brunch in Palma.

The place is incredibly innovative and has brought a unique NYC-inspired touch to Palma’s gastronomic scene. There, they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and, of course, the typical Sunday Brunch. This latter one can be enjoyed either in the beautiful restaurant patio or in the famous rooftop, with impressive views of the city. Can you imagine brunching up high in the sky of Palma? Now you can.

What’s included in the Beatnik Sunday Brunch?

The brunch at Beatnik is available for just 30€, which includes a menu with 2 dishes of your choice plus a dessert buffet that you’ll love. If you wish, you may also add bottomless Cava, house wine or champagne service.

Do you want to know what tasty dishes await there? In the sharing platters section, Leon’s Ceviche is undoubtedly a hit, a dish consisting of fresh scallops and salmon marinated in “tiger's milk” with edamame, corn and mango. The Avocado Strawberry Salad, made with spinach, avocado, strawberries, almonds and a strawberry vinaigrette, is also a delicious must. Both options are a fantastic choice, particularly during the summer.

In the main dish section, we can choose among the following:

- Poached eggs with peppers, avocado, chilli, chorizo and a creamy Hollandaise sauce with English muffin.

- NYC-style pancakes with red berries, maple syrup and vanilla cream. Yummy!

- A classic: avo-toast with pomegranate seeds, toasted almonds, mint and rye bread.

- Grilled octopus, sauteéd potato ratté, Mallorcan sobrasada, lemon aioli and black olives.

- Looking for something even more incredible? Try the 12-hour-cooked pork ribs, at low temp, with sesame seeds, sweet and spicy chilli.

- If you fancy a burger, don’t miss out on the Short Rib Burger with bacon chutney, pickles, red onion, tomato and cheddar cheese.

- Sweet potato gnocchi with truffle oil, crunchy kale and coconut and mushroom sauce.

Oh! And don’t forget that to pair the buffet’s desserts and sweet treats, a typical brunch cocktail is always welcome: a Bloody Mary, a classic Negroni, Bucks Fizz or a Kir Imperial.