• The Global Adventure Vol III
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    The Global Adventure Vol III
    Deep House
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    Puro Music releases its new album:

    CD 1: PUROBEACH ESSENCE BY SEBAS RAMIS (USB MIX 1) The superb Mallorcan DJ and producer, Sebas Ramis, lays down an essential mix. The soulful sound of Purobeach is infuses his set, brimming full of sensuality, warmth and groove. His mix is ??an elegant and colourful journey from beginning to end, full of groovy, soulful house that caresses your body inviting you to dance. The tracklist is bursting to the seams with quality music from artists such as Jembesoul ft Mouzai, DJ Thes-Man, Lydia Harrell, Kiko Navarro, N'Dinga Gaba, and of course Sebas Ramis with Tutsi Girl Play House. A succulent sonic soundscape, perfect for any time of day.

    CD 2: POOL SIDE BY GURI (USB MIX 2) The second mix is signed, sealed and delivered by Guri, who is another important artist on the Mallorcan house scene. He has been a resident at Purobeach since 2013 and a fundamental piece of the Sub_Urban record label. He dazzles us from the first song to the last, introducing us to late afternoon vibe of Purobeach. Balearic and vocal deep house is the order of the day, impregnated with funk, disco and soul. Guri lays down the gauntlet with Alex Agore – Emotional Conflict, before the marvellous ‘Here’s to Friday’ by Demuir and Cynthia Amoah hovers into view. Igor Gonya, Christian Lamper and Kiko Navarro (who is featured on both mixes) maintain the pressure before housemaster Scott Diaz’s dub remix of Round Shaped Triangles’ - 'Set Me Free’ rings out. Guri also makes an appearance with Tatsu on 'Chicago at Night' The sounds of happiness under the sun.

    BONUS MIX - GLOBAL DIPLOMACY BY N`DINGA GABA (USB ONLY, MIX 3) The cherry on the top of this musical adventure is an artist who has quickly become a benchmark for the Mallorcan record label, N'Dinga Gaba. Available on USB only, this Afro House master, selects six songs from his Global Diplomacy label to provide a sophisticated, sensual and soulful mix, full of the sounds of blackness in every beat. N'Dinga Gaba's 'Beautiful' (Real Deep Mix) and DJ FreeTz feat. Sindi & BnB's - Ntab'Ezikude' are pure magic.

    This third edition of The Global Adventure is an auditory and sensory delight, designed to bring back happy memories of your visit to our beach clubs. Get "Purobeach: The Global Adventure Vol III" now and take home the oasis of happiness called Purobeach!

The Global Adventure Vol III
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