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    Foodies Night
    Purobeach Denia
    • Sat
    • 14
    • Sep
    • 2019
    DATE / HOUR 14/09/2019
    MORE INFORMATION +34 965 997 076
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    Foodies Night

    Each person, culture and language knows the age-old refrain; you are what you eat. That is why Purobeach presents Foodies Night; a gastronomic event that unites socialising and culinary enjoyment in a night that connects what we are with what we feel. The cuisine on offer is infused with our chef’s personality, and is comprised of two distinct versions; served as elaborate dishes or as a gourmet market. The menu will be kept secret until the very last moment, so be prepared for a night full of surprises. Enjoyment is guaranteed!

Foodies Night