Mindfulness Yoga
    Purobeach Palma
    SCHEDULE Miércoles/Wednesday/Mittwoch & Sábado/Saturday/Samstag 08:30h.
    MORE INFORMATION 971 744 744
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    Live the #puroexperience of gazing at the morning sun while breathing in and out the Mediterranean air. This is the time when the King of the Sky sunbathes our oasis with a gentle glow, converting Purobeach Palma into the perfect setting for a peacefully morning Yoga class .

    We offer two classes a week: Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 a.m.
    Classes are 25€ per person, 17€ for residents in Mallorca.

    In addition to the class we have a healthy package including the Yoga class, a dish to choose from our menu, a healthy lemonade and water for 50€.

    Waldorf salad of celery, apple, mézclum, walnuts and wheat (yoghurt and mint dressing)
    Chicken with arugula, artichokes, toasted almonds and quinoa (mustard dressing)
    Vegetarian bibimbap (rice, tofu, kimchi, cucumber, chives, spinach, carrot and radishes)
    Greek salad with pita bread and hummus

    A massage after the Yoga class?
    Allow yourself pure relaxation in Purobeach Palma.
    Yoga class and a 20 minute massage for 55€

    Yoga class and sun bed at the Pool area for 75€

    A minimum of two participants is required to offer the class.
    Yoga classes can be booked up to 8 pm the day before.
    Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Mindfulness Yoga