Mindfulness Yoga
    Purobeach Palma
    SCHEDULE Miércoles/Wednesday/Mittwoch & Sábado/Saturday/Samstag 09:00h. (temporada alta/high season/Hauptsaison) / 10:00h. (temporada baja/low season/Nebensaison)
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    Live the #puroexperience of the sunset in Purobeach Palma. Late afternoon is the time when the glorious colours of the setting sun bathe our oasis in a warm, fuzzy glow. Our resident DJs select the right record at the right time, working with this magical moment. Slowly but surely the fiery orange ball descends towards the water, converting Purobeach Palma into the perfect setting for an early evening cocktail.

    We propose two classes a week, Wednesday and Saturday at 9 a.m. during high season and at 10 a.m. during low season.
    Classes are € 25 per person.

    In addition to the class we have a healthy package including Yoga's class, a dish to choose from a selection, a healthy lemonade and water for 50€.

    Waldorf salad of celery, apple, mézclum, walnuts and wheat (yoghurt and mint dressing)
    Chicken with arugula, artichokes, toasted almonds and quinoa (mustard dressing)
    Vegetarian bibimbap (rice, tofu, kimchi, cucumber, chives, spinach, carrot and radishes)
    Greek salad with pita bread and hummus

    What to ask for more than a massage after a Yoga class?
    Now you can at Purobeach Palma.
    Yoga class and a 20-minute massage for € 55

Mindfulness Yoga