What to do in Denia this summer

Activities, events and parties that you can’t miss out in Denia on these upcoming months

Heading there on holiday and still don’t know what to do in Denia this summer? Don’t fret. In today’s post we’ve put together a couple of activities, events and parties that you can’t miss out in Denia on these upcoming months.


Sunset Experience

There’s nothing like enjoying a beautiful sunset by the sea on a typical summer afternoon, with a fresh drink in hand, and all while being in one of the most stunning locations in Denia.

Nowadays that incredible experience already exists, and you can enjoy it from Monday to Thursday at the new Purobeach Denia beach club, which opened this very summer. As is common in all Puro beach clubs, sunsets are seen as something extremely special, and so we like to celebrate them with style, fun and a lot of relaxing. What we call the Puro Nomad style, basically.

Therefore, in Purobeach Denia one can wave goodbye to the sun for the day, all while indulging in the best cocktails, an exquisite selection of tapas with unique flavours and, of course, top music from renowned artists and DJs. The Sunset Experience in Denia is a magical experience that you must live at least once in your life, although we can assure you that you’ll be back for more! Enjoy the best sunset and watch the sun go to sleep while it hides behind the waves of Alicante’s sea. 


Les Deveses beach

Still wondering what to do in Denia this summer? Easy! What’s summer without a beach plan? If you’re going to Denia this summer, or any summer, there are beaches and coves that you can’t miss out on. The stunning beach of Les Deveses is, without a doubt, one of the best and prettiest ones around. It is about 3 km long and is, within Denia, the biggest one. It’s not super close to the urban area and all the “noise”, so it’s quite tranquil if that is what you like.

The beach of Les Deveses also offers numerous services, such as security, a volleyball area, lifeguard, a wooden walkway, plus an entry/exit for boats over on Camí del Bassot. Additionally, if you like watersports, this beach is also ideal to practice things like windsurf, for instance. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for something even more relaxed, with great music and tasty food during your beach day, you’ll also find the famous Purobeach Denia beach club right there. Make your way to the club, rent out a comfy Bali Bed and enjoy the beach in VIP style at Les Deveses.


Foodies Night at Purobeach Denia

Summer in Alicante comes with a great number of unique, fun events. One of them is the unmatched Foodies Night in Purobeach Denia. The next 14th of september, the beach club will get ready to host a marvellous gourmet night where gastronomy and the meeting of different cultures will be the main protagonists. Because, well, we are what we eat right? At least that’s how the saying goes. The beach club’s chef will prepare a delicious gastronomic offer split into two different versions: gourmet market and elaborate dishes. Undoubtedly, this is is one of the best things to do in Denia this summer. Don’t forget to sign up to the event with sufficient time and in advance. You can do so online, by calling on +34 965 997 076 or dropping a line to info.denia@purobeach.com.


White Full Moon Party

Lastly on our “what to do in Denia” list of plans comes one of the best summer parties: the White Full Moon Party at Purobeach Denia. In Puro Group we’re all about full moons, don’t ask why, they just have a special kind of magic. Right? For this reason, and to honour this beautiful natural occurrence, the next 16th of august Purobeach will celebrate a huge party. Music, a fun environment, great company and the most exquisite cocktails. You can’t miss it! Again, don’t forget to sign up to the guestlist in advance.